Batelco further strengthens BGN capabilities

Batelco further strengthens BGN capabilities

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Bahrain’s Batelco has enhanced its Gulf network by adding a new protected route over the network.

The Batelco Gulf Network (BGN), which launched in 2018,  runs over a state-of-the-art optical transport network (OTN) and meets the demand for reliable high bandwidth connectivity and capacity serving the different needs of global services and customers supporting up to 8.8Tbps of capacity providing connectivity to all GCC countries.

“As part of its comprehensive plans, Batelco is keen to establish a robust national and international infrastructure and this enhancement of BGN is one of the initiatives which supports the company’s vision toward building a cloud-centric foundation to foster innovation in the Kingdom and the region,” said Adel Al Daylami, chief global business officer of Batelco (pictured).

“The BGN features alternative pathways for submerged under water routes, and with the introduction of the protection enhancement, customers can enjoy high reliable worry-free solutions allowing them to run their operations smoothly and facilitating the introduction of new and innovative services.”

As a result of the enhanced investments in the network, Batelco’s customers can opt for protected solutions using the new protected route, achieving more resiliency and ensuring higher uptimes and redundancy.

The BGN is now more robust to mitigate the risk of cable cuts and outages, which can effect customers’ core operations in addition to providing a unique value through interconnectivity with other regional and global terrestrial and submarine cable systems, thus introducing a fully protected ring on both terrestrial and submarine routes.

In November, Batelco established more connections with major global cloud and content delivery providers to further support the demands of enterprises and MNCs.