Epsilon partners MASS IX to offer on-demand services in Boston

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Epsilon has struck a partnership with The Massachusetts Internet Exchange (MASS IX) to deliver on-demand connectivity services to peering points in Boston, US.

The partnership means users of Infiny by Epsilon, the firm’s software-defined networking (SDN) platform can click-to-connect to MASS-IX, including remote peering options with more than 40 content and cloud providers, ISPs and higher education networks.

MASS IX operates in more than 12 data centre and interconnection facilities across the New England region of the US. The agreement means Epsilon’s partners gain direct and on-demand access into a growing US technology hub from any of its 100 data centre locations across the globe.

“We are excited to partner with Epsilon and enable more Service Providers across the globe to benefit from our peering points. From the largest search engine and eCommerce platform in the world to smaller innovators and disruptors, we’re making it easy and cost-efficient to peer and exchange traffic. Our partnership with Epsilon will only strengthen our ecosystem and increase choice for our members,” said James Jun, General Manager at MASS IX.

“Our mission is to make internet connectivity in New England more reliable and robust. This requires that neutral interconnection services are available in more data centers, facilities and ecosystem operators in the region to increase competition in the market. Our partnership with Epsilon will help ensure the successful outcome of this mission and accelerate growth of the internet exchange.”

MASS IX’s ISP Peering LAN offers a 500+ Gbps distributed fabric with 40G of peak traffic. The agreement with Epsilon means business partners can self-register to use the Infiny platform to connect to MASS IX.

For Epsilon, which is headquartered in Singapore, it extends its reach in North America. Epsilon set up its first presence in the New York area in 2017 and now has a US footprint spanning 25 points of presence in major cities across the US and Canada.

“MASS IX is one of the most important Internet Exchanges in the US. It gives our partners the ability to peer with innovative local and regional service providers while connecting with some of the fastest moving and exciting business in the tech industry,” said Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO at Epsilon.

“There is tremendous momentum behind our business in North America and this partnership is one more milestone in the growth of our US operations. We are connecting the most vibrant and exciting markets in the US and accelerating how Managed Service Providers, SaaS platforms, Over-the-Top players, Content and Media companies, and a whole range of Service Providers get connected.”    

Infiny, launched in 2017 at Capacity Middle East, connects into more than 100 points of presence (PoPs) in 170 countries. In arecent interview with Capacity, Szlosarek (pictured) said Epsilon plans to add further PoPs – six or seven in the next year, he said.