Epsilon extends partnership with AMS-IX to Hong Kong

Epsilon extends partnership with AMS-IX to Hong Kong

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Epsilon has expanded its existing partnership with AMS-IX to include the Dutch internet exchange’s Hong Kong facility.

The extended partnership means Epsilon’s customers can now peer remotely at the AMS-IX Hong Kong exchange through its on-demand Infiny by Epsilon software-defined networking (SDN) platform.

AMS-IX Hong Kong, which was founded in 2012, is a neutral internet exchange as part of a cooperation between AMS-IX and HGC Global Communications. It offers a neutral Internet Exchange point in the region and access through HGC to around 800 networks currently part of the AMS-IX community in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

“We’re pleased to be expanding our partnership with Epsilon and enabling more organisations to benefit from peering in Hong Kong. Internet demand is exploding across Asia and we’re proud to have a dynamic and growing ecosystem in the region,” said Jesse Robbers, CCO at AMS-IX.

The partnership means an organisation can self-register on Epsilon’s Infiny platform to connect to AMS-IX Hong Kong and cloud service providers worldwide. Infiny, launched in 2017 at Capacity Middle East, connects into more than 100 points of presence (PoPs) in 170 countries.

Recently, Epsilon partnered with NJFX to activate a next-generation network route at its cable landing station (CLS) collation campus in Wall, New Jersey. Epsilon said it opted to partner with NJFX so it could offer the ability for its SDN solution to bypass New York.

“We are simplifying and accelerating how our partners connect globally. Our partnership with AMS-IX creates new value across the value chain and enables more organisations globally to benefit from on-demand remote peering. Our partnership with AMS-IX is very successful in Europe and we look forward to replicating it in Hong Kong,” said Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO at Epsilon. “Together, we are giving more network-centric businesses friction-free access to remote peering across the globe.”