DE-CIX New York reaches 200 networks milestone

DE-CIX New York reaches 200 networks milestone

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DE-CIX has seen the number of Autonomous System Number (ASN) networks connecting to its New York facility top 200 for the first time.

The German company said its New York metro facility now houses 95 networks that are exclusively available in the city and 75 that are only available on the North America continent through DE-CIX New York.

DE-CIX New York is also the only Open-IX certified and carrier and data centre-neutral IX in the market, according to DE-CIX, and is one of two facilities managed by the German firm in North America. The other is located in Dallas.

From the New York internet exchange, DE-CIX offers its GlobePEER Remote solution. This is a turnkey VLAN connection service to DE-CIX Internet Exchanges throughout Europe, meaning networks connected to DE-CIX New York can peer with networks locally connected at its facilities in Europe without buying transport, a remote port or a local cross connection.

DE-CIX runs 15 carrier and data centre-neutral IXs globally, connecting 1500 carriers, ISPs and content networks from over 100 countries. Its Frankfurt facility is one of the world’s largest internet exchanges with close to 7tbps of peak traffic and over 850 networks connected.

“200 networks is a significant milestone to achieve and especially nice to have accomplished in just four and half years. It is a testament to how the neutral exchange model, with its partnership opportunities, can transform a market.  Our model has allowed DE-CIX New York to become the leading platform in New York and the second largest exchange on the entire eastern seaboard,” said Ed d’Agostino, vice president and general manager, DE-CIX North America. 

“Our focus on data centre enablement – along with enhanced service capabilities has allowed our customers to add significant additional connectivity that the New York market has ever experienced.  We are well on our way to helping make New York the premier interconnection location in North America.”