Eurofiber and Inmanta team on interoperability PoC

Eurofiber and Inmanta team on interoperability PoC

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Benelux network provider Eurofiber has partnered with Inmanta to demonstrate a joint Proof of Concept (POC) for LSO network interoperability at MEF18.

The POC involves automated delivery of network services across multiple regional, national and international operators, and aims to highlight automated delivery across multiple operators, leveraging the MEF LSO Interlude interface.

Eurofiber owns and exploits an extensive fibre network in the Netherlands and Belgium as well as four regional data centres, servicing the B2B and wholesale market for connectivity and cloud. Its network spans more than 28,000 km of fibre cable, which is expanded by 40 kilometre per week on average. The services of the company have been placed in five companies: Eurofiber The Netherlands, Eurofiber Belgium, Dataplace, UNET, DCspine.

Bart Oskam, CTO of Eurofiber : “Today we are taking a big step forward by showcasing the Proof of Concept for LSO network interoperability at MEF18, together with our partner Inmanta. Eurofiber is one of the first to showcase a real life setting for the end-to-end service orchestration of E-LAN via the LSO Interlude Interface over multiple domains and across multiple vendors. 

“At Eurofiber, we believe in open frameworks and standards, which are at the very heart of interoperability. The end-to-end orchestration solution which we developed together with Inmanta enables us to deliver our services much faster and with even more flexibility. We are proud to jointly showcase this innovative solution at MEF18.”

The partnership, which both firms said they would look to expand beyond MEf18, sees Eurofiber leverage Inmnta’s service orchestrator, which automates and streamlines the entire service lifecycle.

Stefan Walraven, CEO of Inmanta : “Inmanta proves the capability to automatically use external services and resources to complete the digital Eurofiber services delivery. The orchestrator shields most of the underlying complexity arising from working across operators and using multiple types of hardware and software. 

“This solution is fully aligned with the ultimate goal to achieve zero-touch automation of communication services for the digital economy. Showcasing our solution together with Eurofiber therefore perfectly matches the vision of MEF18 as it pursues agile, assured, and orchestrated communication services for the digital economy. It is indeed a big digital step forward.”