Cinia expands routing options from Interxion data centres in Stockholm and Amsterdam

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Finland’s Cinia has announced plans to expand its connectivity routing options to reach Interxion facilities in both Stockholm and Amsterdam.

Cinia, which offers intelligent network, system and software services, said it has seen growing demand for connectivity between Europe, Russia and Asia in recent years. By adding new interconnection points with Interxion, it is boosting its Northern Digital Highway platform.

Cinia operates a fibre optic trunk network spanning over 10,000km in Finland allowing it t offer secure cloud-based services and infrastructure for businesses. It also operates the C-Lion cable, connecting Central and Northern Europe.

“The Nordics is a very interesting area to many global companies. Additionally, in Finland the proximity to the large markets in the East creates attractive accessible potential. This can be reached through Cinia’s network connections providing the shortest route and lowest latency level through C-Lion1 submarine cable,” said Taneli Vuorinen, SVP for Cinia Ltd.

Interxion supports more than 700 connectivity providers across its 49 data centres in 11 European countries. It said the partnership with Cinia will help satisfy the growing potential of the Nordics region, which has close proximity to Eastern countries as well as a strong environment for data centres.

“In today’s digital business world, connectivity, latency and direct connections with cloud services are key factors to stay competitive. With Cinia we meet the demands from Swedish and European customers to connect with Finnish businesses and their ecosystem, and at the same time we provide a strong connection to the growing Russian and Baltic digital services market”, said Alexander Kehrer, Nordic sales and marketing director at Interxion.