GCS launches cloud system for interconnect management

GCS launches cloud system for interconnect management


Interconnect voice management company Global Convergence Solutions (GCS) has launched a stand-alone application to help carriers improve the way they manage vendor rate administration.

The new application, the Interconnect Rate Administration Service (iRAS), will enable extensive automation surrounding task management, alerting and analytics, said the company.

Jay Meranchik, CTO and co-founder of GCS, said: “Through our discussions with our existing customers, we know that our iRAS service has the opportunity to profoundly reshape how all voice carriers and service providers manage this part of their daily operations.”

The company said that iRAS automates the collection, validation, policy application, analysis, notification and integration of rate updates with the interconnect voice platform and that it will be delivered via GCS’s cloud services platform using a software as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model.

“The interconnect voice market has long been challenged by how to manage the constantly changing rate information they receive since no industry-wide standard for the data, format and file type exists,” said James Malloy, product management lead.

“The rapid pace of market evolution over the last five years has only exacerbated these challenges. Price lists are changing constantly in the commodity market that is interconnect voice, usually sent in a spreadsheet format with anywhere from a few thousand to over a million rows.”