CSPs are becoming regional connectivity service providers

CSPs are becoming regional connectivity service providers

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Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) will soon move into the regional connectivity space and hybrid-cloud is still a massive area of growth, says WAN panel.

Day 2 of WAN Summit London kicked off with opening remarks by Telegeography’s Greg Byran followed by presentation on the wider market view of cloud by Patrick Christian, senior analyst at Telegeography, who also moderated the first panel of the day. 

The session called delivering the cloud—cloud connection models, security and performance, asked its industry experts to outline the biggest future trends in the cloud space.

According to Jezzibell Gilmore, senior vice president, business development & co-Founder of PacketFabric hybrid-cloud remains the biggest one.

“We’ve being seeing a lot of hybrid solution seekers,” said Gilmore. “Everyone wants to start trying cloud and moving data into the cloud but nobody wants to move everything to cloud all at once.” People are still hesitant in wanting to make sure they have recourse if things don’t work out 100%. So we see customers wanting to keep their data centres but adding cloud pieces to their existing set up. And with adding these cloud pieces they’re not just adding one cloud provider, they’re adding multiple providers with different feature sets that benefit different business functions.”

This message was echoed by Claudio Scola, CenturyLink’s director of product management EMEA, in his words, a lot of customers are in that transition state where they are trying to get to that 80% completion of where they want things to be.”

As an enterprise itself, Simon Lodge, senior network design, Pearson says that his company has been ahead of the curb for some time now having support decentralised browsing for a while. He adds the company has moved a lot of its message collaboration services to the cloud now and that it is a clear example of cloud-based usage. Therefore, the internet is key for them in terms of connectivity.

He adds that in terms of cloud strategy AWS has the advantage over the other public cloud providers in terms of scale and number of services they are capable of delivering.

Sony Kogin, principal product marketing manager at Citrix says that the ‘rise of CSPs’ is the biggest trend that he has identified in the cloud space. Interestingly he has predicted that “they are actually becoming regional connectivity service providers” and SD-WAN is the regional on-ramp to connect to it.

Speaking more broadly Rubén Núñez García, global product marketing manager - wide area network services at Telefonica Business Solutions said that SD-WAN is forcing businesses to ‘innovate, to be more digital, more agile, to solve issues for customer a lot quicker and the cloud gives us the flexibility to do his.”