Big Interview

Q&A with Rob van den Dam, global telecommunications, media and entertainment industry leader at IBM

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In the lead up to this year's Capacity Asia event, we spoke with IBM's Rob van den Dam

What are your key developments for 2018?
The key developments have been in the area of AI (Watson Platform), blockchain (Hyperledger solutions for telecom supply management, roaming, remittance), internet of things (IoT) (Watson IoT platform) and NFV/SDN (e.g. Agile Network DevOps), Digital Call Center assistent (AI-supported) .

What are your strategic priorities for 2018?
Our strategic priorities are threefold: Digital Customer Engagement, Network and platform agility,and finally enterprise transformation       

What are you expansion and development plans for 2018?
AI and blockchain supported solutions in areas customer insight are one part of our plan. We're also looking at things such as omnichannel engagement, network & OSS, video platform. Also, B2B enterprise services (cloud), business process optimisation (cognitive automation), and finally cloud for agility or all part of our expansion and development plans for 2018. 

What new opportunities do you predict for the wholesale sector in Asia-Pacific over the next few years?
Distribution of content, in particular Asia-Pacific provided, international connectivity for IoT, cloud-based SDN services and finally data centres will all offer opportunities in the region. 

What are you hoping to achieve at Capacity Asia 2018?
We are hoping to connect to peers, exchange insight in wholesale related topics, whilst also getting information on the latest development in areas relevant for wholesale carriers.