Tunisie Telecom upgrades IP transit port with Sparkle to 100G

Tunisie Telecom has upgraded its IP transit port at Sparkle’s Sicily Hub in Palermo to 100Gbps.

The Tunisian incumbent operator says this is its main trunk to Europe and the upgrade responds to the fast growing demand of advanced IP services and digital content in the country.

Sparkle – the international services arm of the TIM group – operates the Sicily Hub, which is connected to all cable landing stations in Sicily and is served by Seabone, Sparkle’s Tier 1-grade global IP transit service.

Tunisie Telecom said the new 100GBps connectivity option responds to the increasing demand of digital content in North Africa. Tunisie Telecom – which has six million customers and offers the largest mobile coverage in the country – owns and operates a nationwide fixed network infrastructure. The new port is Tunisie Telecom’s main trunk to Europe.

Sicily is closer to North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East than any other European peering point, enabling Sparkle’s hub to offer better latency and enhanced application performances to its customers.