Colt partners Telserv on voice service expansion to 10 new markets

Colt has chosen Telserv as its supplier for its Inbound Voice Services expansion to 10 new markets, increasing Colt’s global footprint to 23 countries in total.

The 10 new territories include: US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Luxembourg.

Speaking exclusively to Capacity, Johan van der Lijcke, COO at Telserv, said: "In today’s global economy, companies of all sizes across multiple verticals are increasing the rate at which they expand into foreign markets. But expanding into a new territory poses some daunting challenges, particularly in the field of telecoms provision. Depending on the business, companies need to establish a local voice connectivity. This process can be expensive and time consuming, due to multiple factors including unfamiliar or complex local regulations and the need to establish relationships with new local suppliers. By integrating to Telserv’s platform and next to the complete product offering, a complete set of regulatory information for all countries is available online to help customers achieve compliancy. This means that Telserv has made it possible for Colt to create a single integrated platform that supports the service and communication to Colt’s clients."

Prior to the expansion, Colt already had a voice presence in 13 European countries including: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK.

Through its Voice On Demand portal, that gives enterprises and service providers with a fully automated digital process to order inbound voice services. In addition the portal offers self-service ordering and a full record of order placed.

Commenting on the ease of the integration process between the two companies, Van der Lijcke said: "

Telserv offers a full and standardized API set to the market including documentation and a sandbox environment. Full integration and final testing can be done in a matter of weeks. Aiming at a seamless extension of its Inbound Voice Services portfolio to new geographies, Colt has selected Telserv as its partner to provision telephone numbers in 10 new countries whilst preserving a fully digital process end-to-end. Therefore, Colt has adopted theTelserv API’s and is now fully integrated with the Telserv platform. Telserv’s platform and full API set provides Colt (and therefor its customers) with an inventory of all available telephone numbers, a centralized view of all countries, self-service ordering and a full record of orders placed. It is a fully automated digital process, from order to cease."

The partnership will enable seamless integration from Colt’s IN network to Telserv’s cloud number platform through APIs. Resulting on voice services in 10 new markets from one centralised account across Colt’s international footprint.

Telserv’s cloud numbers platform allows its customers to expand their portfolios with DID, Toll-Free and premium rate services in more than 145 countries through a single connection.

The expanded voice offering is a full-service offering from Colt, including everything from number porting to regulatory compliance.

As result operators and service providers can set up virtual call centres with ease and services like inbound and outbound calls, call queuing, interactive voice response, call forwarding, monitoring and reporting.

Looking ahead to any further expansions, Van der Lijcke confirmed that Colt is "evaluating a further expansion based on their strategic growth plan".

As well as its expansion of its voice services footprint, Colt recently announced that it is expanding its east Europe IQ network to six new capital cities by the end of 2018. According to executives Colt plans to launch the network expansion by the end of 2018. It will use fibre from existing carriers, extending from Colt’s existing point of presence in Klagenfurt, Austria, eastwards towards Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest to Sofia, and then back through Belgrade and Zagreb before completing the ring in Klagenfurt.