New life for old kit as carriers increase upgrade rate

New life for old kit as carriers increase upgrade rate

A company that finds new uses for last-generation telecoms equipment is expanding into eastern Europe.


Executives from UK-based TXO Systems told Capacity that they are helping customers reduce their capital expenditure and working for a greener world by re-using equipment.

“The kit is taken out as a result of swaps, upgrades and mergers but it can be used by other customers,” said Pavel Evanzhelista, a company executive taking part in Capacity Europe East in Sofia this week.

“We’re finding a new life for a wide range of telecoms equipment, including switches, routers, radio access equipment and street cabinets.”

Alicja Jastrząb from the same company told Capacity: “We help companies reduce their capex – it’s two or three times cheaper and still good quality hardware, because the rate of equipment renewal in the industry is so high.”

She added: “We already work with the biggest operators in Hungary and now we’re expanding into Bulgaria. There is a lot of opportunity here.”