Cyxtera launches on-demand provisioning solution

Cyxtera launches on-demand provisioning solution

Cyxtera Technologies has launched its Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD) platform, a software-defined data centre architecture that enables on-demand service provisioning.

At the same time the company also announced the deployment of its CXD-powered solutions such as the CXD Compute Nodes, an on-demand hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution as well as CXD IP Connect, which offers redundant internet connectivity.

“CXD brings ‘speed of cloud’ power and provisioning to an entire range of data centre services with an extensible software-powered architecture that will rapidly integrate Cyxtera-powered services and those of our network and service provider ecosystem,” said Randy Rowland, president and general manager of data centre services at Cyxtera.

Using these services Cyxtera customers quickly extend their existing colocation environments within and across data centres. This speeds up time-to-market and enables what they call completely ‘headless’ data centre operations while allowing customers to keep colocation levels of control and customisation.

The CXD platform uses a combined network and services provisioning engine with an internal data centre software-defined network fabric allowing colocation customers to provision services on-demand online. As a result customers can run distributed environments across data centres without needing contiguous floor space.

The key features of CXD are its unified services port that enables access to multiple data centre services over a single port; the network exchange that offers automated provisioning to select network service providers; on-demand access to Cyxtera’s cybersecurity and threat analytics services; and high-availability, secure network fabric all with a 99.999% availability service level agreement.

As for the CXD Compute Nodes, it leverages Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to bring one-click application management and mobility across public, private and distributed edge environments much more quickly than traditional infrastructure. Using it customers can provision HCI nodes on-demand via the CXD API or web browser speeding up time-to-market.

“We’re used to point-and-click provisioning for everything from virtual machines in the cloud to SaaS solutions, yet the data centre industry still works with a screwdriver in one hand and a cable crimper in the other. It can take months to deploy a single application, from provisioning circuits to building out infrastructure in a colocation cage,” added Rowland.

Cloud and managed hosting providers can use CXD Nodes to quickly add capabilities to new or existing markets without the need for burdensome staffing or capital investment. Enterprises can also use the solution deploy new or adapt existing colocation infrastructure in a matter of hours.

The CXD IP Connect solution is a blended internet bandwidth service that enables customers to provision connectivity aggregated from numerous IP service providers. Offered through CXD, IP Connect reduces the number of weeks waiting time for circuit provisioning.