Sparkle launches all-in-one communication service

Sparkle has launched a real-time all-in-one platform that aims to boost communication services between companies and their customers, suppliers, and employees.

Sparkle’s liveConnect targets enterprises and operators looking for a smart solution for customer care, whilst also simplifying the relationship between end-customers.

It is a real-time all-in-one platform that enables a two-way web communication service between companies and their stakeholders, customers, suppliers and employees.

liveConnect gives users the option to start a voice call or instant message through a simple click, Sparkle claims, connecting them directly to the right contact point. It also includes the ability to share images, files or audio notes in order to solve queries.

It can be integrated into existing back-end systems and customer tools, and can work through a desktop or a specific mobile operation. It also includes an admin dashboard which can gather relevant information such as call history and user footprint, making it easier to manage communication flow and monitor user behaviour.

Sparkle said: “The latest outcome of Sparkle’s efforts to enrich its portfolio of ICT solutions, liveConnect, addresses a wide market segment. In fact, it caters the needs of enterprises and operators looking for an innovative and smart solution for their Customer Care, as well as the needs of companies that aim to simplify the relationship between their own end-customers such as financial and booking agents or to enhance communication with their employees or third-party technicians working on the field.”

To launch the service Sparkle, which is the international services arm of TIM group (Telecom Italia), teamed with communication platform as a service provider M800. The service will also be offered to partners including system integrators, ISP and service providers.