Villages in northern Canada to be connected to new subsea cable

Work has started to survey a subsea cable route in the north of Canada that will link a number of communities in the Nunavik region.


Kativik Regional Government (KRG), a supra-municipal body with jurisdiction in northern Québec, has awarded the contract to WFN Strategies, based in Virginia.

Jennifer Watkins, chairperson of the authority, said: “As the KRG begins its 40th year of offering public services within Nunavik, we are excited about this project and its end result of greatly reducing the digital divide between the north and the south. This proposed submarine cable will ensure high speed internet for generations to come.”

The planned Eastern Arctic Undersea Fibre Optic Network (Eaufon) will connect a number of villages – many with fewer than 2,000 people – around the region. The subsea system is expected to be ready for service in 2020, though some extensions will be added later.

Final funding has not yet been approved, but initial work is already underway to expedite the process to have the route survey completed during the 2018 open water season.

“We are excited to be working again with the Kativik Regional Government in support of the Eaufon submarine cable project,” said WFN Strategies managing director, Wayne Nielsen. “We look forward to supporting this new system and its goal of enhancing connectivity to the Canadian Arctic.”