Wind Hellas enhancing wholesale services amid €500m NGA plans

Wind Hellas is deploying its own fibre-optic network, enhancing its existing retail and wholesale services in several areas throughout Greece, amid €500 million plans.

The company is now offering its end-user customers with ultra-fast internet services over its own deployed fibre-optic network in Greece, which is part of the Wind Hellas’ five-year investment plan for next-generation access (NGA) networks, expected to reach a total of €500 million in infrastructure investments. 

Wind’s NGA wholesale services is presently available at speeds of 30/3 - 50/5 - 100/10 - 200/20 and they are implemented by combining two different architectures (FTTC and FTTH) and three different access technologies (VDSL SuperVectoring, & xPON).

The deployment of the new fibre-optic network in many cities around Greece will also provide the physical path for wholesale capacity services (point to point and internet access) offering up to 1G speed.

Wind plans to complete the rollout of the new fibre-optic network in Greece by mid-2019, making its high-speed broadband services available to more than 500,000 access lines across the country.

Wind Hellas was in the news back in November when some media reports named the company, alongside Vodafone Greece, as two of the four names reportedly interested in buying a stake in Forthnet as Greek banks had authorised Nomura to seek new investors.