China Mobile conducts 400G optical transmission trials

China Mobile's Research Institute, in partnership with ZTE, has successfully completed tests for single-carrier 400G optical transport networking (OTN).

The operator says that it is the first single-carrier 400G optical transmission network in China and will support the rapid development of China's fixed-line broadband services, network video services, and pending commercial trial deployment of 5G services.

During the tests ZTE leveraged multi-span, single span, G.652 fiber, and G.654E fiber transmission in a conventional EDFA environment to verify the flexible grid configuration of a single-carrier 400G optical transport network. In addition to transmission costs performance and other functions.

Speaking to the Xinhua News Agency, Li Yunbo, a senior engineer at China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile has always been committed to the application and advancement of high-speed transmission technologies.

In response to the growing demand for network bandwidth, China Mobile partnered with various equipment manufacturers to carry out tests domestically, from as early as 2014. The first ultra-100G research test, and commercial adoption of single-carrier 200G took place only last year.

China Mobile says that it is currently at the forefront of the industry in terms of its research and the commercialisation of Ultra 100G. This trial further verifies the function and performance of the single-carrier 400G and lays the foundation for the formulation and commercial deployment of subsequent standard specifications.