Colt cuts Tokyo-London latency to 159ms after €200m upgrade

Colt cuts Tokyo-London latency to 159ms after €200m upgrade

Colt has “substantially reduced” the latency between the Tokyo and London financial centres to less than 159 milliseconds, the company announced today.

This reduction is part of the company’s continuing investment in its Colt IQ Network, which has already seen it invest €200 million this year. The company has already reduced latency on its route between the Chicago and Tokyo financial centres.

The improved latency will be attractive for users that rely on low-latency infrastructure to support investment banks, high frequency trading firms, foreign-exchange dealers and other financial organisations.

Andrew Housden, vice president of capital markets at Colt, commented: “We are committed to providing global financial firms with a very fast and reliable network infrastructure together with superior customer experience. This is why we are investing heavily in low latency connectivity between the key financial centres and exchanges in Asia, Europe and North America.”

Housden added: “This year, we have announced improved latency on our Chicago to Tokyo network route and key APAC routes. We are now focusing on the Tokyo to London route. Firms are increasingly using their network to gain a competitive advantage and the Colt IQ Network provides a consistently high experience across all regions.”

Colt announced a three-year investment plan earlier this year focused on upgrading and expanding the capacity and reach of its network, enabling it to meet the growing global customer demand for high-bandwidth connectivity.

Its investment programme includes a significant revamp of low-latency routes connecting key exchanges. It lists the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Singapore Exchange, the Australian Securities Exchange and the Japan Exchange Group among its targets.

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