2017 average monthly mobile data usage in Europe to hit 2.4GB

2017 average monthly mobile data usage in Europe to hit 2.4GB

Average monthly mobile data usage is set to top 2.4Gb per SIM card by the end of 2017, according to figures from GlobalData.

Disparities among different European countries mean that the highest usage country – Finland – is expected to see an average of 13.3Gb per SIM per month, compared with much lower usage countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Ukraine, which are all below 1GB per SIM per month.

The likes of Austria (5.7Gb), Poland (3.7Gb), and Russia (3.5Gb) all recorded high data usage, which GlobalData said was likely because operators in those countries offer unlimited data packages.

GlobalData estimates that monthly average mobile data usage will range from 950MB in the Czech Republic to 727MB in Slovakia owing to the relatively high data plan pricing in these countries. The Ukraine, which also has a relatively low average data usage, is yet to deploy 4G networks.

The UK will see average monthly mobile data of 1.98Gb, according to GlobalData, which has been diluted due to the exponential number of low data-intensive machine-to-machine SIM cards. M2M cards are estimated to see usage of 291Mb per month per card, compared with 2.6Mb for smartphones and 2.8Gb for connected data services. 

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