NTT Com and Dimension Data seal cloud IaaS partnership

NTT Communications and Dimension Data have teamed up to create a single ‘cloud powerhouse', bringing their cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) capabilities and ‘cloud experts’ together under NTT Com’s management.

Both companies will retain their existing strategic partnerships under the new structure, but the combined capabilities will have the power to drive innovation into the market and deliver the services that organisations today demand. They will help to deliver transformative, cloud-based solutions and innovation to clients of both organisations around the world.

Cloud space

"Enterprises have an increasing need for hybrid IT to accelerate their digital transformation. Working together to enhance our cloud and value added services, combined with our industry leading networking, global data centre assets and security capabilities, both Dimension Data and NTT Communications will offer clients a more compelling hybrid IT value proposition," said Tsunehisa Okuno, senior vice president and head of global business at NTT Holdings.

"NTT's extensive R&D investments will also enhance the range of services available to clients,” said Jason Goodall, CEO of Dimension Data Group.

"Combining our cloud IaaS assets provides enterprises on their hybrid IT journey with a unique combination of services and expertise, on a global basis. We'll deliver services at-scale and provide a level of innovation not currently available in the managed cloud-based hybrid IT solutions space."

Katsumi Nakata, senior executive vice president of NTT Communications, added: "We're excited that our augmented capabilities and broadened footprint will take us to the next level in global cloud IaaS platform, coupled with one of the largest software-defined network services that connect over 190 countries worldwide, more than 140 global data centres, and the world's leading Tier 1 IP network.”

“We are confident that we will continue to deliver superior results and contribute significantly to the success of both our clients and our cloud business."

The companies say that clients will benefit from the new hybrid IT solutions that “offer greater visibility, automation, management and governance”, among other benefits.

Leslie Rosenberg, research director at IDC, said: "NTT Communications and Dimension Data continue to demonstrate their collaboration and synergistic relationship with the announcement of a new combined cloud capability. Combining IaaS capabilities provides customers with enhanced global scale and hybrid IT capabilities.  The synergy allows each company to play to their strengths – the broad reach of NTT Communications' network and data centres coupled with Dimension Data's technology expertise and consulting capabilities to help enable customers to achieve global scale and accelerate their hybrid IT and digital transformation initiatives."

NTT Com/Secure-24 acquisition

NTT Communications has also announced that its shareholders, alongside shareholders of Secure-24 Intermediate Holdings shareholders, a US-based leading provider of comprehensive managed services, entered into a definitive agreement on November 13, pursuant to which NTT Com will wholly acquire Secure-24.

The demand for managed services is growing steadily worldwide and managed-IT services, one of Secure-24's core businesses, are expected to see especially significant growth in the US market.

NTT Com will leverage Secure-24's extensive portfolio of managed application and database services, including: SAP, SAP HANA, Oracle, Hyperion, JD Edwards, Microsoft, Epic, custom, industry and other mission-critical applications.

NTT Com and NTT Group companies including Dimension Data expect to combine Secure-24 services with NTT Group capabilities such as cloud to enhance their ability to meet hybrid IT requirements with high-quality managed services that are increasingly in demand worldwide.

“This acquisition brings the unparalleled service levels, application expertise, security and compliance support of Secure-24 to the global NTT community," said Mike Jennings, CEO of Secure-24.

Going forward, NTT Com will continue supporting the business transformation of customers by steadily enhancing its IT functions and systems, including for evolving applications on cloud platforms, and thereby satisfy expanding needs for diverse, global managed services.