Angola Cables expands South Africa presence with PoP

Angola Cables expects to establish a point of presence (PoP) in Cape Town before the end of the year to address local demand and expand peering capabilities.

After almost a year of operations in South Africa, the company has seen exponential growth in its customer base. The new PoP will complement the one Angola Cables has in Teraco, Johannesburg. Increasing demand has resulted in Angola Cables’ decision to develop a PoP infrastructure for customers based, or with operations in, Cape Town.

Darwin Cost, product manager at Angola Cables, said: “This expansion will give us the ability to attend to local Internet and content demands, as well as enhancing our peering activities in the region.”

“Angola Cables is spurring the growth of a number of telecommunications markets in Africa, and as we improve Internet connectivity to and from the continent, we are bringing leading content closer to African users.”

A fast-growing wholesale provider of internet services in sub-Saharan Africa is firmly focussed on growing its presence on the continent, re-orienting global data flows and localising content.

The company is also expanding African-based clients’ presence overseas. With the completion of SACS in mid-2018 and Monet this year, the company will pioneer some of the fastest routes between South Africa and Brazil and the USA. The company has also developed a ‘EuroRing’ to provide African companies with improved connectivity to Europe, including access to the major cloud services providers and content providers.

SACS is now in the final stretch of its installation and the deep-water phase of the installation will last 90 days and cover a distance of 6,200km of cable at depths of up to 5,000m.

António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables, said: “When SACS is complete, together with the complementary infrastructure offered by the WACS and Monet Cable Systems, there will be a paradigm shift in global telecommunications data transport.

“SACS presents an opportunity for Angola to become one of the telecommunications hubs in sub-Saharan Africa. Investments in underwater cable systems and data centres are creating digital bridges bringing continents closer, but also improving access to major international telecommunications circuits. We expect various economic benefits for Angola, as well as other regions where our network exists, with a number of knock-on effects, including further investment from technology companies requiring high levels of connectivity."

Earlier this month, Angola Cables announced that it had become a Microsoft ExpressRoute partner enabling it to meet the needs of African organisations migrating business applications and IT infrastructures to the cloud.