KT Sat plans IoT services after new satellite launch

KT Sat plans IoT services after new satellite launch

Korean operator KT Sat plans to offer internet of things services to the Philippines, Indochina and the Middle East following the successful launch of Koreasat-5A.

Koreasat 5A

The new satellite, launched by SpaceX from Cape Canaveral, will also provide services to the Korean peninsula, said KT Sat.

It will work alongside Koreasat-7, launched earlier this year to provide services to the Philippines, Indonesia, Indochina and India.

“Koreasat-5A secured service areas encompassing Indochina and the Middle East and has a global maritime communication-dedicated beam, which makes it a resource optimized for global satellite communication and maritime satellite IoT,” said CEO Hahn Won-sic.

“KT Sat will become a leading global satellite ICT operator with its optimal satellite resources and excellent human resources,” added Hahn. “We will construct a satellite IoT, as well as a ubiquitous communication environment related to ground 5G infrastructure.”

KT Sat has already signed up satellite TV operator DDish TV to provide satellite broadcast services throughout Mongolia for 17 years from Koreasat-5A.

It will also provide maritime satellite communication services in the East Sea, the South and East China Seas, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, said the company.