Colt revamps low latency Asian trading routes

Colt revamps low latency Asian trading routes

Colt Technology Services has introduced faster network connectivity to two of the company's key low-latency routes in the APAC region.

Strong demand from the financial services sector lies at the core of Colt's network improvement efforts with each latency reduction promoting greater liquidity between stock exchanges in each Colt-linked city. In addition to market participants at Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) and Singapore Exchange (SGX), as well as Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Japan Exchange Group (JPX/CC2), traders from all around the globe stand to benefit from the recent optimisations.

Connectivity is available for service and provided through Colt’s private Ethernet-based 100Gbps-capable Colt IQ Network, which connects over 800 data centres across Europe, Asia and North America's largest business hubs, with over 25,000 on-net buildings and growing.

"Colt continues to challenge the status quo with ultra-low-latency connectivity. Every micro-second counts for our customers, not just capital markets organisations, but all data-dependent enterprises - from media to manufacturing - that rely on our secure, high-bandwidth connectivity to function and thrive in today's digital market,” said Andrew Housden, VP of capital markets at Colt Technology Services.

“This drives us to constantly innovate and optimise the Colt IQ Network, which enables the digital transformation of business through superior connectivity."

Latency for the Hong Kong-to-Singapore route has been reduced to approximately 29ms (RTD) going from the HKEX to the SGX. Latency for the Sydney-to-Tokyo route has been reduced to approximately 99ms (RTD) going from the ASX to the JPX/CC2, according to internal Colt tests from August 2017. For both routes, the latency numbers above currently represent the fastest among all available providers in the region.

These optimisations continue a series of enhancements to the highly touted Colt IQ Network, including a similar revamp of its Tokyo-Chicago circuit in May. Colt has also been active in the proliferation of its network presence at key endpoints for these routes. The company unveiled fibre expansion projects in its 48th and 49th metro area networks earlier this year in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

Earlier this month, Colt deployed Ciena's 6500 converged packet optical platform, which delivers 100Gbps and 200Gbps services in line with growing demands for bandwidth, to its Asia-Pacific IQ network.

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