Sparkle and Telarix in move to offer SMS solution for IoT

Sparkle is working with Telarix to launch an SMS management solution for the services related to the internet of things (IoT).

The aim is to “reduce overhead and manage SMS-specific network complexities”, said Sparkle. The company will be consolidating the whole of its SMS operations into one platform, it added.

Stefano Olivieri, EVP for voice and mobile business at Sparkle, said: “As an international voice carrier that offers SMS as a retail service in addition to our wholesale business, the new SMS management solution allows us to consolidate our entire SMS business onto one comprehensive platform that provides buying, selling, billing, auditing, alerting and reporting functions, plus the translation and application of routing commands to the SMSC or the SMS hub.”

Telarix CEO Marco Limena said: “There are some inherent complexities in SMS handling that our new solution addresses, simplifying the end-to-end SMS management and automation. We are delighted to work together with carriers like Sparkle that are taking a leading position in this business.”

Sparkle, which is part of TIM, formerly Telecom Italia, said it had accelerated its focus on SMS to take advantage of market growth opportunities. According to the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, messaging traffic is expected to increase by more than 350% over the next five years. Application-to-peer messaging is leading the growth and it is set to become a fundamental delivery mechanism for IoT devices.