AirTrunk opens hyperscale data centre in Sydney

AirTrunk, the data centre services provider, has opened its hyperscale data centre in West Sydney, the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region.

The new facility is one of two new hyperscale data centers in Australia aimed at large scale cloud content and enterprise customers. The 64,000 sqm site has a capacity in excess of 80 MW which houses 30 data halls, each supporting up to 3MW of IT load. The entire site has a power usage effectiveness rating of 1.15 and will create hundreds of jobs for the local economy not only during construction but ongoing through its operation. In addition, AirTrunk has confirmed that it is the second stage of construction of its Melbourne facility which will open in a few weeks, once completed the Melbourne site will have a capacity of 50MW.

Speaking on the opening of the new facility, Robin Khuda, CEO and founder of AirTrunk, said: “AirTrunk are building the data centres of tomorrow so that the technology companies who are transforming the way we live are assured of a secure, efficient and responsive home for their data. We’ve built the Sydney facility in record time for our customers and have also established a platform for AirTrunk to deliver more exciting projects across the Asia-Pacific region in the future. The rapid growth of cloud adoption has driven demand for secure, reliable and scalable data storage solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. AirTrunk has the financial capabilities and expertise to respond to that demand. We’ve demonstrated our unique value proposition to the Australian market and have already achieved substantial market share very quickly.”

The facility has been built to specific high security requirements of the Australian Government and meets the need for a secure and reliable way of processing and storing high volumes of information and content, it also offers its customers the ability to scale quickly in a cost effective way. 


Commenting on the news, Stuart Ayres, minister for Western Sydney, said: “We’re delighted AirTrunk has chosen Western Sydney for this massive investment – building this centre has created around 300 jobs and 180 more people will be employed here permanently once operational.”

Speaking to CIO Australia, Khuda added: Major cloud providers are seeking high reliability and cost efficiency, as well as quick deployment and the ability to scale up. They don’t want to wait for 15, 18 months for a data centre operator to deliver capacity. You look at Microsoft or Amazon, they’re basically doubling their infrastructure. They do their capacity planning every fortnight. They need it fast. “We’re building at a massive scale. That gives us efficiency of scale. I have my wish list, these are the four things I would like, I don’t care about all that fancy lighting and everything. I care about what the customer wants and that’s how the whole project started. And that’s how we differentiate.”

The company are said to be building rapidly with the company already eyeing new builds throughout Asia-Pacific - Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan are set to be AirTrunk's next destinations.