Apple devices behind DE-CIX Frankfurt 5.88Tbps data traffic rate

Apple devices behind DE-CIX Frankfurt 5.88Tbps data traffic rate

The data traffic rate of the DE-CIX in Frankfurt on Tuesday evening reached a new record high - 5.88Tbps, with almost simultaneous new all-time peaks in Madrid and Dubai.

Never before has so much data per second been exchanged at an Internet Exchange (IX) and Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX Management GmbH, said: "In Frankfurt, we managed to break our own record. Up until now, DE-CIX’s highest value for data exchange at peak times was 5.6Tbps. With that value, we already ranked at first place worldwide. 

“We assume that it was the introduction of the new Apple devices which caused the data traffic to go through the roof, and are already curious to see how the rollout of iOS 11 will affect the traffic. I believe that, by then, at the latest, we will succeed in cracking 6Tbps.”

Data traffic at internet exchanges generally moves along wave movements and reflects the daily rhythm of internet use, starting at 6am and reaching its peak at around 9pm. Seasonal variations – whereby people are less online in summer than in the autumn/winter months - can also be registered.

At DE-CIX’s eleven locations around the globe, internet service providers (ISPs), network operators, content delivery networks (CDNs), and companies exchange their data traffic through peering on a cost-neutral basis, and thus transmit their data packets to the recipient in the cheapest and fastest way.

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