Seabras-1 subsea cable ready for operations

Seaborn Networks has announced its 72Tbs Seabras-1 subsea cable system is ready for operations.

Seaborn's Seabras-1 is a new 6-fibre pair submarine cable system that is the first and only direct point-to-point system between São Paulo, Brazil, and New York, US. In July, the developer-owner-operator of submarine fibre-optic cable systems announced that it had completed the final splice for Seabras-1.

In May, Seaborn signed a partnership with Spread Networks which would see it become the exclusive channel partner for sales to the financial vertical on Seabras-1. Seaborn's proprietary SeaSpeed solution to the financial vertical will commence service in Q4 2017. SeaSpeed is the lowest latency route between the trading exchanges of New Jersey and São Paulo (B3/BM&FBovespa), with dedicated capacity from B3 (SPA) in São Paulo to Carteret and onward to your choice of New York or New Jersey points of presence (PoPs).

Seabras-1 is jointly-owned by Seaborn Networks and Partners Group (a global private markets investment manager with $66 billion in assets under management) on behalf of its clients. Seaborn operates and maintains Seabras-1 from its offices in the US and Brazil, including Seaborn's own dedicated network operations centres in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Seabras-1 offers a faster and more reliable carrier class route between the commercial centres of Brazil and the US than competing systems, with improved quality of service, a more resilient network architecture and 100% underground terrestrial backhaul in Brazil.

By purchasing directly from Seaborn, customers also benefit from the ability to communicate directly with the owner-operator of the system, industry-leading turnarounds for circuit activation and unique purchasing platforms.