Green Mountain CEO steps down

Green Mountain, a Norwegian wholesale colocation data centre company, has announced that its CEO, Knut Molaug, is set to step down and has named his successor.

Molaug, who was the first employee in the company in 2010 and has been responsible and helped drive its development, informed the Green Mountain’s Board of Directors that he would like to step down as CEO to focus his time on “developing the newly established company Aqua Robotics AS”.

“I feel sad to come to the situation that I need to step down as CEO of Green Mountain. The company has established a strong position as a data centre operator in the Norwegian market with a strong operational organisation,” said Molaug.

“When I decided to step down, it is because I want to focus on developing a new family-owned company Aqua Robotics that recently introduced new technology to the aquaculture industry.”

The chairman of the Board of Directors, Odd Torland, has in consultation with the Board decided to constitute Tor Kristian Gyland as the company’s new CEO. Hi position will formally start in the first Board meeting to be held 15 September 2017.

“Gyland has been essential in the development of Green Mountain since the autumn 2011 and lately as COO of the company. He consequently represents continuity and stability for the further development of the company,” a statement said.

Smedvig, the 90% owner of Green Mountain, has requested Molaug to join the Board of Directors of Green Mountain. He will also continue to work on some projects for the company in close cooperation with the new CEO.