China Telecom Global launches Silk Road project

China Telecom Global (CTG) has entered into an agreement with carriers in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, to begin work on its Silk Road project.


The news follows on from China’ s nationwide Belt and Road initiative that aims to bolster the free-flow of trade, improve resource allocation efficiency, promote market integration, and create a regional economic co-operation framework.

The Silk Road project will use the existing fibre connections in countries along the route to create a terrestrial cable system across multiples countries around Asia which will improve both connectivity and the economy in the region. 

CTG has said that the project was due to begin in July of this year, although no further details have been confirmed and several ‘multilateral’ conferences will follow to establish which teams will lead the project. 

CTG recently announced the launch of its 100G service between Asia and Europe. In collaboration with Russian operators, the new service attempts to answer the growing demands for big-bandwidth connectivity between the two continents. 

The 100G service is further enabled by the launch of CTG’s Super TSR (Transit Silk Road), an ultra-low latency terrestrial route via the China-Kazakhstan Gateway. Which has a latency feature of just 147ms from Shanghai to Frankfurt and 159ms from Hong Kong to Frankfurt, reduced by 10ms over existing routes.