Huawei announces new offerings at Cloud Connect 2017

Huawei has announced several new product and service initiatives during its annual Cloud Connect conference taking place in Shanghai.

The first is its transformation service strategy, for which it is investing $500 million in the development of cloud-based professional services, a cloud platform and cloud ecosystem.

Speaking on cloud-based professional services, Sun Maolu, president of technical service department for Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “Our services strategy centres on the concept of ‘Grow with the Cloud’ and becoming an industry cloud enabler.”

As the company has identified several areas, which enterprises will face challenges, as they attempt to embrace cloud transformation. These include: strategy, planning, requirement analysis, business integration, application system evaluation, technology selection, roadmap design, deployment, operations & maintenance management, and information security.

“To drive this strategy forward, added Sun, Huawei will continue to increase its investment in the development of service solutions and global service centres, as well as tools, platforms and verification labs for professional services. In the next five years, we will also focus on research and development of industry clouds, increasing our annual investment by more than 50%. In addition, to meet enterprise demand for ICT talent in the cloud era, Huawei will provide a new certification scheme to train ICT architects, ICT developers and industry-specific ICT experts. By 2021, it is estimated that more than 150,000 cloud and industry-specific ICT professionals will have been certified by Huawei.”

Today the Chinese vendor also launched its all-cloud, network-wide smart video cloud solution, together with industry partners Yitu, SenseTime, NetPosa, Harzone, MIMOS, and Qognify. 

The open cloud platform works by all its partners contributing a wide-range of smart video analytic algorithms therefore creating a strong computing engine that supports public safety video application services and accelerates video application innovation to help public safety organisations.

In addition, the company also released its newest cloud hardware platform, called Atlas. Designed with AI, public cloud and high-performance computing in mind, Atlas uses technologies such as heterogeneous resource pooling and intelligent orchestration’ to improve hardware use and respond flexibly to service demands. 

Speaking on the platform, Qiu Long, president of IT server product Line at Huawei said:  "As the AI era is approaching, traditional hardware cannot meet the requirements on development of AI and cloud technologies. Positioned as a new-generation intelligent cloud hardware platform, Huawei's Atlas pioneers heterogeneous resource pooling and intelligent orchestration technologies to bring resource utilization and performance to new high levels. Atlas is also the fruit of Huawei's Boundless Computing strategy. Huawei has been inspired by the idea of making computing simple through continuous innovation, and keeps customers' requirements in mind to build servers that are stable, reliable, and high-performing, to help customers’ better cope with the challenges for successful transformation in the AI and cloud era."