Mobile data rise in EU prompts DT ICSS to boost AMS-IX ports

Deutsche Telekom’s international wholesale arm has upgraded its IPX ports at Amsterdam’s AMS-IX to 100Gbps because of the growth in EU mobile roaming.

International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) says that it is the first company to connect to the AMS-IX Inter-IPX platform with 100 GE ports.

It has upgraded to a redundant capacity of two times 100Gbps. The upgrade is partly to cope with the increase in European mobile data traffic after the abolition of roaming charges within the EU, said the CTO of AMS-IX. ICSS said the traffic growth was “explosive”.

Gergely Vadas, head of the Mobile World unit at ICSS, said: “Deutsche Telekom ICSS caters to the future roaming needs of its mobile operator partners and their subscribers. We are happy to provide a global, high-speed network with the full advantages of the latest, next-generation applications.”

This enhancement follows Deutsche Telekom ICSS’s rollout of improved IPX capacities in May. At that time ICSS was the first provider to activate multiple 100Gbps transmission capacities for its customers in preparation of higher capacity demands.

Henk Steenman, CTO of AMS-IX, said the exchange traditionally sees an increase of traffic during the summer, thanks to holidaymakers.

“With 4G widespread, and especially with the abolition of roaming charges within the EU, we have seen a threefold increase in the amount of traffic exchanged over this European summer season,” he said. “ICSS took the roaming experience to the next level with this upgrade, which is truly ground breaking. I am positive other carriers will follow this example.”