Orange launches two new PoPs in South Africa

Orange has announced two new points of presence in Cape Town and Johannesburg in order to boost internet connectivity in South Africa.

The two large-capacity PoPs will be fully operational before the end of the year, the French operator said, and will offer enhanced connection speeds and improved reliability for wholesale customers.

By offering access to an IP PoP connection, Orange will provide wholesale customers with a number of advantages, including high capacity, resiliency and high availability through three routes with protected backbone network; and improved quality of service.

Orange already holds a strategic position in this field in Africa and the Middle East, thanks to its existing IPX PoPs in Amman and Abidjan.

Orange said: “Orange will be the first operator capable of offering reliable, high quality, secure connections for the wholesale market around the continent of Africa to support the huge rise in IP traffic in this area. This fully redundant IP PoP is a secure solution that will help facilitate the development of this region. Orange is now able to offer reliable, high-quality connections for African countries surrounding South Africa.”