China Telecom appoints Tan as president of Americas

China Telecom appoints Tan as president of Americas

China Telecom has named Steven Tan as president of China Telecom Americas, the international subsidiary of the company formed in 2002.

In his new role, Tan will oversee business operations and developments in the US, Canada and Central and South Americas, with a focus on Chinese enterprise customers, MNC customers, carrier partners and consumer markets.

Tan will report directly to Xiaofeng Deng, CEO of China Telecom Global, who said: “With his business expertise and proven achievement in the past years, Steven is ideally positioned to lead our American entity for further business expansion and better service to our customers/partners in region and beyond.”

With over two decades in industry, Tan has extensive experience in both domestic China and overseas markets. His most recent role was the vice president responsible for global carrier business of China Telecom Global since 2012. Tan was not new to the region of Americas, as he had worked as managing director of marketing with China Telecom Americas during 2008 to 2010.

Commenting on his appointment, Tan said: “The region of Americas had always played important role in global development of China Telecom with our constructions of abundant resource landing here across Pacific from Asia, and it also contributed a substantial share of revenue to China Telecom overseas business. I look forward to identifying and activating the growth potential of the region in the new era of technology and networking.”

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