Security agency signs deal to protect Indonesia's subsea cable

Security agency signs deal to protect Indonesia's subsea cable

Indonesian subsea cable company Triasmitra has signed a deal with the country’s maritime security agency to protect its infrastructure, which is operated by Telin.

The deal had the backing of the country’s minister of communication and information, who said the cable was “a crucial part of the country’s infrastructure and therefore it required adequate security”.

The cable, called Sistem Komunikasi Kabel Laut (SKKL, Sea Cable Communications System), was broken a number of times last year, said Triasmitra director Titus Dondi at the signing ceremony, and cost millions of dollars to fix each time.

With the help of Triasmitra, Indonesia hope to hold the ships that cause the damage accountable, said Dondi.

Under the deal, the Indonesian maritime security agency, Bakamla RI, will operate underwater security systems including an automatic identification system that monitors and directs vessels close to subsea cables. Systems will also warn boats travelling two knots or faster or dropping anchors within two miles of cables.

Bakamla RI will conduct marine patrols in areas most susceptible to cable damage, including ports and mining areas, and will coordinate its efforts with the authorities.

Rear-admiral Agus Setiadji, secretary of Bakamla RI, said the partnership was more than just the protection of the submarine cable, but the first step in securing Indonesia’s waters from various sea-borne vulnerabilities and in strengthening its vision of making Indonesia a leader in marine activity worldwide.

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