China Mobile Zhejiang's VoLTE user base grows 10-fold in a year

China Mobile Zhejiang's VoLTE user base grows 10-fold in a year

China Mobile’s Zhejiang branch has seen the number of customers using voice of LTE (VoLTE) services grow more than 10x over the last year, with registrations hitting 10.56 million in the province.

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The figures mean Zhejiang is the first Chinese province to exceed 10 million VoLTE users, with traffic accounting for 20% of the regions total – way above the national average of 7%.

China Mobile said the Zhejiang branch, which only hit one million VoLTE users in March 2016, has been spearheading the firm’s national VoLTE development. It has focussed on the concept of “user experience-centric service quality optimisation and transition-orient business development”.

In order to launch the service, China Mobile Zhejiang partnered with Huawei. It also began auto-provisioning VoLTE services in September, and, by May of 2017, it had preconfigured all information for its 30 million users.

Huawei said: “The Zhejiang branch's VoLTE initiative has proven to be successful and has since been introduced to other branches. During the enhancement process, the branch deepened cross-department collaboration, ensured network stability, strengthened customer care, and reduced VAPs and terminal issues. 

“These measures have additionally accelerated user migration from legacy voice services to VoLTE, and backed the company's long-term strategy of steadily growing the VoLTE user base and enhancing the service quality. It only took the branch half a year to reach the VoLTE goals put forward by China Mobile.

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