Reliance Communications launches enterprise VPN over 4G network

Reliance Communications launches enterprise VPN over 4G network

Reliance Communications is launching a 4G-based enterprise network to allow companies to extend their corporate network to sites across India.

Bill Barney

Reliance says its Branch Connect service will offer secure high-performance wireless connectivity in the last mile for enterprises to quickly connect their sites – such as branch offices, warehouses and partner offices – to the corporate private network.

“We are delighted to unveil this innovative solution that makes enterprise-grade private connectivity ubiquitous in India,” said Bill Barney, who is co-CEO of Reliance Communications and CEO of Global Cloud Xchange.

The Branch Connect service will offers secure and high-performance enterprise-grade connectivity over Reliance Communications’ 4G LTE network. “As enterprises extend into under-served urban areas and the hinterland, the need for reliable, fast and secure connectivity comes to the fore. Reliance Branch Connect addresses these needs squarely and effectively,” said Barney.

The company says that if an enterprise’s cloud site is already connected to a Reliance virtual private network (VPN), all that each of the other sites would need to do to connect to the corporate network is a plug-and-play Branch Connect smart router. The service is configured so that usage is restricted to business-relevant corporate applications, and is backed by enterprise-grade performance objectives, reporting, service support and features.

In April shareholders of Reliance Communications – which is not connected with the rival Reliance Jio LTE start-up – approved a plan to merge its wireless business with that of Aircel. The resulting Reliance Communications/Aircel company will be one of India’s top three operators.

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