NetScout teams up with Bouygues Telecom for IP network transformation

NetScout has announced a collaboration with Bouygues Telecom on their IP network transformation and Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) quality management solution.

The moves comes in support of the demand and growth around voice, data and video services in France.

“NetScout is pleased to expand the voice quality management solution at Bouygues Telecom helping them to provide the best quality of HD voice and video calls over LTE,” said John Downing, executive vice president of worldwide sales at NetScout.

The voice management solution is an intelligent and non-disruptive system with troubleshooting and key performance indicator reporting capabilities. Through platform, the Bouygues network operations team can take action to troubleshoot and pinpoint service issues before they impact subscribers.

“With this VoLTE technology expansion, Bouygues Telecom can quickly identify the root cause of service performance issues and irregular behaviour throughout its network as well as reduce business risk, improve service performance, and optimise capacity utilisation,” said Jean-Christophe Reversat, network operation director, Bouygues Telecom.