Core-Backbone deploys Infinera Cloud Xpress 2 for Terabit-scale DCI

Core-Backbone deploys Infinera Cloud Xpress 2 for Terabit-scale DCI

Germany-based Core-Backbone has deployed the Infinera Cloud Xpress 2 for high-capacity data centre interconnect (DCI) between Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg and Vienna.

Core-Backbone previously deployed the Infinera Cloud Xpress to provide 100Gbps services between Frankfurt and Nuremberg. With the Cloud Xpress 2, featuring the Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine, Core-Backbone will add multiple terabits per second (Tbps) of interconnection capacity between the aforementioned European cities.

“Since our original deployment of Cloud Xpress, Core-Backbone’s expansion has continued to accelerate and we are seeing unprecedented demand for connectivity between our points of presence in the large internet exchange sites,” said Daniel Maresch, CEO of Core-Backbone, the data centre operator and service provider delivering IP transit, Layer 2 connectivity and remote peering interconnection with secure, high-availability network connectivity to internet exchanges across Europe.

“Cloud Xpress 2 allows us to satisfy that demand with almost five times the density of the original Cloud Xpress, lower power consumption and the same simple operational model. The plug-and-play simplicity of Cloud Xpress 2 is critically important to efficient operations in a lean organisation like Core-Backbone.”

With 1.2Tbps of line-side capacity in a single rack unit and very high power-efficiency, the Cloud Xpress 2 is designed to fit easily into space- and power-constrained data centre environments.

With Infinera’s software-defined capacity (SDC) solution, Instant Bandwidth, Core-Backbone can software-activate line-side bandwidth in 100Gbps increments when needed in minutes, aligning with their bandwidth demands.

Nick Walden, senior vice president of EMEA at Infinera, added: “We are delighted to have Core-Backbone continue to grow their network with the Infinera Cloud Xpress family.The example of Core-Backbone shows that Cloud Xpress 2 fits a wide range of DCI applications and that high-bandwidth DCI service providers of all sizes can benefit from its extreme simplicity, multi-terabit scalability, security and efficiency.”

The Cloud Xpress 2 began shipping this year and is deployed in major ICP networks. The Cloud Xpress Family offers customers the choice of 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE client interfaces to meet their specific requirements.