Ruckus expands network infrastructure offering

Ruckus expands network infrastructure offering

Ruckus, a part of Brocade, has announced that it now offers both wired and wireless networking for enterprise, hospitality, service provider, government and small-and-medium-sized business customers worldwide.

The new multi-gigabit networking solution provides customers and partners with cost-effective, high-performance Wifi and switching combination. The new products are as a result of Ruckus’ and ICX Switch's acquisitions by ARRIS earlier this year for $800 million.

By combining its industry-leading wireless products with the ICX wired switching portfolio from Brocade, Ruckus now offers a complete line of high-performance access infrastructure.

“The expansion of Ruckus to include both wired and wireless products is a tremendous opportunity for us to carry forward the outstanding ICX product line and technology innovation we have gained as part of Brocade,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, chief operating officer of Ruckus.

“Combining the product lines means we can offer our partners a comprehensive set of access infrastructure and meet customers’ networking needs beyond simply wireless, without sacrificing performance. Our new multi-gig solution sets the tone for the type of innovation to come.”

The new ICX 7150 Z-Series switch - a full-featured layer 3-capable 48-port switch that includes sixteen 2.5 GbE ports and thirty-two 10/100/1000 ports - and Ruckus R720 access point (AP) - A 4x4:4 dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 AP with one 10/100/1000 and one 2.5 GbE port - together solve the problems associated with increasing device densities and bandwidth-consuming applications by maximising network access performance with a complete multi-gigabit 802.11ac Wave 2 solution.

The Ruckus solution does not require the need to rip and replace existing CAT 5e cabling infrastructure – the switch and AP can simply be dropped into current environments, thus substantially saving costs and installation time while increasing performance.

Nolan Greene, senior research analyst at IDC, added: “The announcement that Ruckus will expand its solution set by fully incorporating wired Ethernet switching into its portfolio makes absolute sense and was expected as part of the acquisition announcement from ARRIS earlier this year. With this new multi-gig solution, Ruckus is formally expressing its intent to be a dominant player in the network access infrastructure market for its target segments.”

“By partnering with Ruckus for wired and wireless networking, we were able to provide an unparalleled internet connection throughout the Dr Pepper Ballpark that truly elevates the overall fan experience,” said Sam Darwish, chief executive officer, Skinny IT. Matt Ratliff, senior director of marketing and promotions at Frisco RoughRiders, added: “This technology takes our internet connection to the next level and allows us to have a robust network providing data back to our team for future initiatives.”

“At Vology, it is our goal to deliver the best possible wired and wireless products and solutions to our customers. We’re able to accomplish this by partnering with technology experts who continue to innovate in these areas,” said Keith Archibald, chief technology officer of Vology. “Partnering with Ruckus gives us the opportunity to deploy a unique set of cost-effective products. When connectivity really matters, we know we can rely on Ruckus to provide a seamless experience."