BT claims 13Tbps fibre speed record

BT claims 13Tbps fibre speed record

BT is claiming a record speed that will allow it to transmit 13Tbps over a single fibre.

At the same time its wholesale last-mile division, Openreach, says it will be able to deliver fibre to the premises at 100Gbps.

BT is showing off these innovations at its research centre at the start of Innovation Week, a UK-wide event involving different organisations.

“Real innovation happens when you’re part of an ecosystem,” said group CEO Gavin Patterson (pictured) at the opening of the event today. “We’re committed to create a culture of technology literacy here in the UK.”

The 13Tbps fibre breakthrough uses single-carrier based technology operating at 400Gbps per wavelength, a project that has been developed with Huawei. “Researchers are confident that speeds of more than 13Tbps can be achieved using the same amount of light spectrum as the previous record.”

The system is transmitting data at 6.25bps/Hertz, said Professor Tim Whitley, BT’s MD of research and innovation. 

The Openreach project, that also involves Huawei, will be able to carry 100Gbps into the customer’s home over a single fibre.

BT is also showing applications of new fast internet connections, including ultra-high definition TV. With new compression techniques that will use only 10-20% more bandwidth than current technology, said a BT researcher at the R&D centre at Adastral Park, near Ipswich.