NTT Com, PacketFabric partner to expand IP services across the US

NTT Com, PacketFabric partner to expand IP services across the US

NTT Communications (NTT Com) and PacketFabric has announced today a partnership to extend the availability of NTT Com's IP transit services to more locations throughout the US across PacketFabric’s network.

The partnership between NTT Com, the global data and IP services arm of NTT, and PacketFabric, a NantWorks company and provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services, enables NTT Com to reach more customers and leverage PacketFabric’s fully automated software-defined Networking (SDN) based network platform.

“NTT Com is constantly working to further extend the reach of our global IP backbone and give new and existing customers the option to connect in more locations,” said Michael Wheeler, executive vice president of the NTT Communications Global IP Network at NTT America

“This collaboration allows us to offer IP services to anyone on the PacketFabric network.”

With the PacketFabric platform, NTT Com will be able to extend its Tier-1 Global IP Network and provide fast, secure and highly-reliable network connectivity services to customers in any of the 130 locations across 13 metro markets on the PacketFabric network.

By partnering with NTT Com, PacketFabric adds another ecosystem partner to expand the over-the-top services available to its customers.

William Charnock, CEO of PacketFabric, added: “We’re very excited to enable NTT Com to increase the number of locations where they can offer services to their customers, and to allow our customers to access NTT Com’s services seamlessly through our platform.”

[Picture source: Flickr / Eric Fischer]