Windstream completes first stage of 100Mbps cable upgrades in North Georgia

Windstream completes first stage of 100Mbps cable upgrades in North Georgia

Windstream has announced it has completed the first stage of its cable upgrade plan in North Georgia, which will enable over 6,000 households in Blairsville, Union County, to have access to up to 100Mbps internet speeds.

The advanced network communications provider’s cable upgrade plan, announced late last year, will provide high speeds to more than 67,000 households across 14 communities by the end of 2017.

“We are working hard to give our customers in North Georgia an enhanced internet experience,” said Jarrod Berkshire, president of operations for Windstream in Georgia.

“Many of our employees live, work and raise their families in North Georgia, and they are working tirelessly to make faster speeds and more reliable service available to customers. While we still have a lot of work ahead, this upgrade represents a significant milestone and testament to their hard work and Windstream’s commitment to the North Georgia community.”

After completion of the project, Windstream will have upgraded eligible customers across 13 communities in North Georgia.

Windstream was in the news last month when it announced that it was expanding its metro fibre network in Knoxville, its Wholesale DID services will be available directly from Telinta’s hosted softswitch platform, and, along with Sprint, that it had launched a legal action against the Federal Communications Commission over the regulator’s plans to deregulate the business data services market.