Cleareon launches new service assurance platform

Cleareon launches new service assurance platform

Cleareon has launched a new service assurance monitoring platform, offering end-to-end circuit performance monitoring to its customers.

The Service Assurance Monitoring and Reporting solution is API friendly, the New York-based company said, with the ability to integrate it with a customer’s applications.

It also provides granular performance data for Ethernet circuits, while offering wireless providers the information needed to deal with packet loss, latency and jitter on their networks. It can also report on more than 110 different key performance indicators.

The system will be offered on a complimentary basis to Cleareon’s customers and will allow them to monitor circuit performance against historical baselines and service level metrics.

“In complex environments where multiple networks are often stitched together to provide the end-user solution, our customers need more than just a technology view of their network,” said Cliff Kane, co-CEO of Cleareon. 

“Our Service Assurance portal has dynamic data aggregation and reporting capabilities that enable our customers to correlate key network performance data to provide a service-focused view. Customers can organize KPI data and manage it against SLA thresholds for each circuit. It’s an all-inclusive and easy-to-use monitoring and reporting solution that provides our customers with visibility into Cleareon’s network performance.”

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