Telefónica selects Nuage Networks for next-gen SD-WAN services

Telefónica selects Nuage Networks for next-gen SD-WAN services

Nuage Networks, the Nokia venture focused on software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, has today announced a partnership with Telefónica Group that will deliver automated end-to-end services leveraging next-generation cloud technology to thousands of global enterprises.

Telefónica selected Nuage Networks as its provider for next-generation Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) services based on its virtualised network services (VNS). It will help to transform business service offerings, which will see global enterprise customers benefit from greater business agility, rapid service deployment and lower operational overheads.

“To meet rapidly emerging business requirements for agility and on-demand deployments, we firmly moved to build our business connectivity services around a new telco cloud-based architecture,” said Javier Gavilán, technology director at Telefónica Global CTO.

SD-WAN services are becoming a strategic area of differentiation for large telecommunications and service providers looking to augment existing MPLS VPN and hybrid WAN offerings to enterprises with cloud-ready capabilities.

A key part of Telefónica Group’s Telco cloud vision is to offer enterprises the ability to easily order, customise and configure value-added services through a self-service portal for on-demand delivery. Organisations worldwide gain a single platform for simplified networking of their branch offices, and for the seamless connection to public cloud services or any value-added service offered by Telefónica from their data centres. “Thanks to Nuage Networks’ VNS technology, Telefónica can leverage its ultra-broadband global network and quality of service to make it easily consumable by enterprises in a cloud-friendly manner,” a company statement read.

Sunil Khandekar, founder and chief executive officer of Nuage Networks from Nokia, added: “The IT, communications and service demands of today’s enterprises are much higher than just a few years ago. Companies require new cloud technologies to support them while simplifying traditional service models. We worked closely with Telefónica to ensure the Nuage Networks’ VNS solution addresses their new SD-WAN service requirements around the globe. Enterprise customers who need more flexibility and agility to adapt to rapidly changing business needs can get it through a trusted provider like Telefónica.”

Earlier this year, Vodafone selected Nuage Networks’ virtualised service platform for a new enterprise-targeted portfolio to be part of Vodafone Ocean and China Mobile picked Nuage’s scalable SDN solution to automate its public cloud deployments in Beijing and Guangzhou.

The new SD-WAN service from Telefónica is expected to be available in second half of 2017 in Spain, and will be followed by Telefónica Business Services (International) and other subsidiaries. 

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