Windstream expands metro fibre network in Detroit

Advanced network communications provider Windstream has invested in a major expansion of its advanced metro fibre network in Detroit.

The expansion is part of Windstream’s multi-city campaign to connect even more data centres and commercial buildings to company’s national backbone. Last week, Windstream announced it had expanded its network in Little Rock.

Windstream’s expansion will provide the area’s growing business community with world-class fibre and fixed-wireless infrastructure that connects even more local data centres and commercial buildings with Windstream’s high-speed, highly available nationwide fibre network.

“The investment that Windstream is making in the greater Detroit area is a direct reflection of how important the area’s business community is to our company,” said Chris Nein, regional president for Windstream.

“This ambitious project will result in a new level of connectivity and network stability for all businesses in Detroit. It also will allow us to offer our customers an expanded product suite and higher levels of service.”

One Detroit-area company that will benefit directly from Windstream’s expansion is eVantage Services, which is part of Orlans PC and provides backend services to law firms. Orlans PC is headquartered in Troy, Mich., and has operations in multiple states that serve the real estate financial industry.

Randy Temple, chief information officer at eVantage Services, added: “eVantage Services and our parent company, Orlans PC, have extensive experience providing services to investors, lenders, banks and servicers in loan transactions, default, bankruptcy proceedings, land contract disputes and default, title issues, and real estate transactions.

“To deliver the quality of service our clients require, we need innovative, highly reliable network services. Windstream’s expansion in Detroit gives us higher-quality services and creates the type of competition that will improve services for all local businesses.”

Windstream is expanding local metro fibre networks across the country as part of an initiative that will support customers in verticals such as banking, education and healthcare. Last month, Windstream announced a major expansion of its metro fibre network in Dallas. Other cities being currently expanded, include: Charlotte, Nashville, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Detroit and Cleveland.