China’s ZTE claims 400G speed record over fibre

ZTE is the latest company to say it is pushing the drive towards 400G transmission over fibres.

The Chinese company says it has transmitted data at 34Gbaud – 34 billion symbols a second – over a distance of 80km.

The announcement comes only a week after AT&T Labs said it had transmitted live traffic running at 400Gbps between New York City and Washington.

Yu Jianjun, the director of ZTE’s Optics Labs in North America said: “400G and beyond transmission is definitely a mainstay of the next-generation high-speed optical network signal transport. New technologies allowing high-speed and long-distance optical signal transmission are urgently required to eliminate weakening transport performance caused by limited bandwidth. In this context, ZTE has made a lot of ground breaking progress.”

ZTE said that it and other vendors are now devoted to deploying beyond-100G devices around the world and boosting the pre-research on beyond-100G optical transport technologies.

ZTE’s demonstration was carried out by its Optics Labs in North America, which was set up in 2010, to focus on 100G and beyond-100G technology. The company said: “ZTE’s Optics Labs has proposed a number of key technologies for 100G and beyond 100G devices, becoming a recognised acceleration engine in developing global high-speed optical communications transport technologies.”

Like AT&T’s announcement, ZTE revealed its claim to a speed record at the Optical Fiber Communication conference in Los Angeles.