Interconnection is key for digital transformation, says Equinix

Equinix has emphasised the importance of interconnection at a time of digital transformation and has discussed new business opportunities at Capacity Latam 2017.

The data centre and interconnection service company stood out at the Capacity Latam 2017 event, during the event which brought together the top telecom companies in Latin America, held on 28-29 March in Rio de Janeiro. 

The telecommunications market has been through several changes in recent years. Long gone are the days when the industry only had to deal with voice transmission issues – today we tackle other major fronts , such as the greater opportunities in data services, including 5G, IoT and cloud. Companies need to adapt to this scenario and the idea is to discuss these topics during the event.  

Data from Cisco’s Visual Networking Index confirm the new horizon of opportunities in the telecom sector. The survey shows that data exchange between data centres and end-users should grow 23% by 2018. Exchanges between data centres are also expected to grow by 29%. On the other hand, conventional DC traffic with non-cloud-related applications should only grow 8% in the period. 

“This survey and many other studies show what we have already started to realize: there are many new opportunities in the Telecom market. While the processes used to be quite linear and defined, they have now become much more dynamic and even more dispersed at times,” said Rodrigo Guerrero, Equinix sales director in Brazil.

“Enterprises must find new ways to do business, and that is precisely what Equinix wants to discuss at the Capacity Latam. We offer much more than data centre services; we are an interconnection platform with solutions that replace the currently isolated and centralised IT architecture of enterprises with highly interconnected and distributed networks. Everything organisations need to get through the journey of digital transformation.” 

As an example, the executive highlights Equinix's Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA), which brings together different solutions that the company can provide to guarantee a solid basis to implement a fully-networked model, where enterprises and providers can benefit from the connection between people, places, clouds and data. “This interconnection is achieved in a direct and secure manner. In other words, it’s a great business opportunity for both carriers and organizations in other segments. For example, we currently promote new business opportunities among over 1500 enterprises in our marketplace in Brazil,” he said.

Equinix is participating in today’s panel “Cyber security - Can information be as secure as we would like it to be?” on at 11:45am. The issue of security is fundamental when it comes to digital transformation, as enterprises are constantly trying to understand how best to keep critical information confidential. The debate will address the main threats in this area, particularly when it comes to cloud computing.