Infomart Data Centers commissions new private colocation suite in Dallas

Infomart Data Centers has today announced the commissioning of a new 4,600 sq ft private colocation suite within its Informart Dallas facility.

The 500kW private colocation suite is designed to maximise efficiency. The space is highly-connected and provides access to carriers. An internet exchange (IX) is already built into Infomart’s carrier-neutral Building Meet-Me Room (BMMR), which enables connections between more than 75 network carriers and all colocation customers within the building.

“Infomart Dallas is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of carriers, colocation providers, and cloud applications.  Given the growing value for latency-sensitive edge computing, we are delighted to add a second Infomart-operated suite within the facility,” said John Sheputis, president of Infomart Data Centers.

“Our expansion is one of several that will be completed this year, either by our team or one of our tenants.  Every new network connection and new application launched will continue to solidify Infomart’s position as one of the nerve centres for the digital economy.”

It is the second project completed in a series of strategic infrastructure investments planned for the building by Infomart Data Centers over the next 10 years.  The company plans to ultimately add over 500,000 square-feet of data centre space and more than 30MW of additional capacity to the property. 

Stefanie Williams, associate analyst of Data centres for 451 Research, added: "Carrier hotels provide physical connection points where internet carriers meet and transfer data. These facilities facilitate bringing data closer to end-users, lowering latency and improving performance. 

“As one of the Southwest's largest carrier hotels, Infomart provides enterprises with low-latency connectivity to cloud and telecommunications providers, eliminating last-mile cost and connectivity issues faced if co-locating farther from the facility. Infomart's new suite with access to its BMMR with no monthly reoccurring charges is a disruptive offering for latency-sensitive or performance-driven organisations."

Designed to Tier III standards, the space also provides distributed redundant power design, up to 200W of power density per square-foot, and a pass-through Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) with a cap at 1.4.  

As the owner and operator of the building, the national wholesale data centre provider offers $0 monthly cross-connect fees within the BMMR to facilitate further interconnection within the iconic data centre hub.