Q&A Paul Scott, President Latam & Wholesale, C&W Communications

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1. What have been C&W’s key developments and stand outs in Latin America over the past year?

The past two years have been significant for us at C&W.  In 2015, we acquired Columbus Communications, which substantially increased our presence in the region as well as our capacity to better serve our customers - especially with inclusion of Columbus’ sub-sea networks.  Last year, Liberty Global acquired Cable & Wireless Communications - which now makes us part of the Liberty Global family – the world’s largest broadband and entertainment company. Today, we are a complex business spanning across 42 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America where we sell wholesale services in our advanced subsea network – the largest in the region. In 24 markets – we have retail and B2B operations, and in 16 of those we offer mobile services.  Our residential services rest on a hybrid of FTTH, HFC and DSL – and all kinds of variants in between, allowing us to deliver TV services in 10 markets, and B2B suite of products and service in eight countries. 

As part of the LG family, we firmly believe that we are now better positioned to achieve long-term growth and success in our region. We are excited to continue building on that momentum, commitment and focus in serving our customers and maintaining our network leadership position across the Caribbean and Latin America region.

2. How has wholesale demand in the region evolved in recent years and how is C&W aiming to meet those demands this year?

Due to the low broadband penetration in the served markets, traditional capacity demand is growing. Additionally, we continue to develop new value added products and services which run over our ecosystem focused on content that can be delivered to our customers in a more effective and efficient way.

3. What are your strategic priorities for Latin America in 2017 and what announcements can we expect from C&W in the region this year? 

We expect to continue to consolidate and further enhance our position among the top tier players across the growing region of the Caribbean and Central and South American markets.  

Market research indicates a significant increase in internet traffic and connected devices which will allow us for more collaboration of market share. We plan to continue to leverage our owned, operated and largest submarine multi-ring fiber-optic network in the Pan-Caribbean region and focus more on managed solutions across the Latam region.

4. What are the key challenges in the region and how is C&W preparing to tackle them? 

Our key challenges and top priorities in the region is to continue serving our customers with their needs of ever increasing demand for bandwidth, to continue bringing innovation and network modernization to our markets, and most importantly, continue delivering value and excellence to our carrier clients and their customers. 

5. What do you hope to achieve out of your attendance at the Capacity LATAM event?

We are excited to attend and meet in person with our customers and continue the dialog related to their needs and challenges so we can better meet their expectations. The Capacity LatAm event is an excellent event to network and a great opportunity to showcase our products and services and our new capabilities across the Atlantic now with the addition of Liberty Europe Wholesale operations.