AMS-IX launches PoP in Digital Realty's Data Tower

Digital Realty’s Amsterdam Data Tower has been announced as the hosting centre for AMS-IX's 13th point of presence (PoP) within the Dutch capital.

The Data Tower, located in the Science Park, will allow the new AMS-IX PoP to connect with more than 200 networks, with over 5,000 square metres of data space and 9 MW of customer power.

The 72-metre high Amsterdam Data Tower, formerly known as TelecityGroup's AMS1 data centre, offers 100GB port connectivity. It comes as IP traffic in Western Europe is predicted to grow by 20% between 2015 and 2020, according to Cisco.

“The Dutch digital infrastructure is growing rapidly” says AMS-IX CTO Henk Steenman.

“Currently we are located in 12 data centres in and around Amsterdam. By adding this 13th Point of Presence in Digital Realty we increase our diversity of data centres, which is one of our values being a neutral internet exchange.”

It is the latest agreement in a longstanding partnership between Digital Realty and AMS-IX. In 2014, they launched a PoP in Digital Realty’s San Francisco data centre. It is also housed in two other Digital Realty facilities in Amsterdam.